What about hiking poles?

So I wanted a nice set of hiking poles for uneven terrain on this summers backpacking trip.  My son has a single pole, my Husband is carving one for himself, but I wanted a set of two just in case.

I chose this set for a few reasons:

  1. they come with a one year warranty.  who would say no to that?
  2. these have tungsten steel tips
  3. Very comfortable I like the cork it doesn’t make me all sweaty like the rubber grips do, and under the cork is EVA foam so nice and soft and will over time form to my hands.
  4. They have an extra set of rubber tips and a set of mud/snow tips.
  5. These come in a really nice carry case with backpack straps.  Although I did get a really nice carry case that clips to my backpack to hold my son’s pole and these fit in there as well so i will most likely be using that case instead.

.I highly recommend these hiking poles.
I received these Trekking | Hiking | Walking Poles [2-Pack] Anti-Shock | Retractable | Lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminum | Comfortable Cork Plus Foam Grips | Include Extra Tips Plus Travel Carrying Bag for free or at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. DSCF0116click here to buy these hiking poles. I am not affiliated with the seller, supplier, or manufacturer in any way.


So I received this face paint by Blue Squid to try out.  My son’s birthday party was coming up so I thought great day to use it.  I had a friend of mine painting faces.  She said these were very professional quality.  They covered well the colors are vibrant and easy to use.  I also had her use a 24 makeup brush set instead of paint brushes and she loved doing it that t way it was much easier than just paintbrushes.

The glitter is in a liquid base which made it go on easier and helped to blend the other colors.  So plan for that when you are using it.

There is a blurb on the back of the packaging that says be careful these are such vibrant colors they may not want to come off with just soap and water but I did two big pink circles on my arm left them on for a few hours then washed one off with soap and water and the other using olive oil and a paper towel.  both came off perfectly no issues at all.  Of the people at the party, everyone said it came off easily except for the boy with the ninja turtle face he still had some green around his nose but his mom said she didn’t think he really tried to get it all off.



I thought I would try a K2 double hammock


So I bought a K2 double hammock.  Talk about a nice hammock.

It is extra long and extra wide so more like a triple hammock. It is very roomy and comfortable.  My 10-year-old son loved it so much I couldn’t try it out as much as I would have liked. But that is alright he had a blast in it.  And ended up taking a nice afternoon nap.

I took the hammock out of the bag it has nice carabiners and is very well stitched.  I really like the colors of Kelly green and black.  It came with a heavy duty rope to hang it from a tree but I prefer tree straps so I used the MalloMe brand tree straps.

I had it up in less than a minute.  I sat in it and then lay down it was very nice I could have taken a nap but as I said I have a 10 year old.  So my son was saying my turn my turn can I try it out now.  So I let him get into it and I took pictures of him enjoying it.

He talked about all the things he could do in this hammock and how much fun it was going to be this weekend when his cousins come over.  And tehn he lay back and started swaying in it and soon he was asleep.

I am so glad it was such a beautiful day today.

So then when he woke up,  we took everything down to see if it would be as easy to take down as it was to put up.

The tree straps work wonders Just unhook the carabiners adn fold the hammock in half then in half again tehn sutff it in the carry sack.

Then roll up the tree straps and done in less than a minute.

this is going in my husbands pack when we go backpacking this summer.  You know when he isn’t looking I will stick it under his clothes.  It only weighs 1.7 pounds and the mallome only weighs 1.4 pounds with the heavy carabiners but I can take those out because the K2 came with nice carabiners.  So more like a half a pound.  He won’t notice.

If you would like to buy the K2 double hammock you can purchase it here.



Getting ready to go backpacking first a sleeping bag.

link to sleeping bag I bought



This sleeping bag comes in a stuff sack. Makes it easy to stuff it back in the bag Although it could be an inch bigger this thing is a tight fit.
I took the sleeping bag out of the stuff sack and laid it out unzipped it and zipped it then inspected the zipper. It moved nice seems well made no sewing issues.
I laid down on it and it felt comfy I pulled up the zipper part way and then it didn’t want to go any further. I put my arm outside the sleeping bag and pulled it up a bit further and then tried from the inside again but it was difficult then I pushed my foot against the edge of the sleeping bag to tighten it up then the zipper went to the top no problem.
it was soo nice and warm I almost fell asleep right away.
I unzipped it, much easier it just slides unzipped.
It has the sleeping bag smell that most sleeping bags have and I don’t like it very much so I used Febreze on it to get rid of the scent. at the first campout, I will bring it tot he bonfire and let the campfire scent get into it. I love the smell of a campfire.
I then took the sleeping bag and stuffed it back into the stuff bag. It worked ok it is a tight squeeze to get it in there but it will fit if you keep pushing. then tighten up the lock all ready for the next campout.

today the Fitbonic Smart phone dock

Buy it here.



I took this out of the box. there is a docking station a plastic piece fo the back of dock for more support for whatever you put in the dock. the cord, a remote a male to male 3.5 mm adapter, and an instruction booklet.
I looked at the charging tip in the dock and saw it was the older wide one. So I thought oh well my son’s iPad uses this I guess he gets a dock. but then I looked in the instruction and saw you turn the charging tip to the right and the type c charger comes up with the straight part forward then turn again a type c but with the straight part in the back. Turn again an apple lightning tip comes up.  There are 4 tips in all.  So I put my iPad air on there and did the Bluetooth it showed right up I selected it and started playing some music .  The iPad does not have to be physically connected for the Bluetooth to work.  Then I took my iPad off and turned the charging tip wheel until the USB type c tip was up with the straight part to the front and plugged in my Samsung galaxy S5 phone it went right on. Then I put my iPad back in its leather case and tried plugging it into the USB plug on the side while the Samsung phone was charging on the dock and they were both charging fine.
I set up the Samsung phone to the Bluetooth and played some music then I changed to the iPad again no issues. I played Netflix on the iPad and the sound was excellent
Next, I tried the equalizer I was setting that up and kept changing it until I found the one I liked best. There are lots of settings and lots of them are really great.
The only Con: No 12-hour clock but I set the clock anyway it took a little to get it set but it wasn’t that hard.
I played with the remote and all the functions worked fine.
I highly recommend this docking station.
I received this Smart Phone Dock From Fibonic – Bluetooth Speaker, Universal Charging Dock, Alarm Clock – Hands-Free Calls – USB-Charged Devices – iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, Nokia, LG, SONY – Lifetime Guarantee for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review. Since I use your reviews when I buy products I will always return the favor by leaving an honest review for you whether or receive a discount or not. I am not affiliated with the seller, supplier, or manufacturer in any way. This is my honest review.

How can you join in the fun of reviewing?

So I really like to review and some companies you need to be invited to join.

So here is your invite


just click on that link and you will be able to start the fun too.  With this company you get points for doing reviews at first they give you enough points to start out with one product you write your review and then you get points for that.  then you buy more things the things are generally 99% off the regular price.

If you want to see a typical review that I do here is a link to one of them.


just to give you an idea of what you can do.

Some people write things like:

It worked I liked it  I got it at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.

That’s it.  But you get points based on your review so if you write more and get people interested then you will get more points.

I hope you enjoy!

Are magnetic tablet and phone holders safe?


So I went to digital trends for the info.

While the magnets won’t destroy your phone or tablet.  Magnets can cause chaos to some apps especially the ones that use the compass like map programs or any program that wants to know your location.

Also the magnets can give a magnetic charge to steel items in the phone.  Which can then later on cause problems for the internal compass.

So shouild we use products like http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Magnetic-cell-phone-mount-tablet-stand-ipad-holder/dp/B014QF3D6M

It is up to you whether you use it ot not comment on if you have been using a strong magnet on your phone or tablet and either had or have not had any problems.





The best flashlight you will ever see

Have you heard of the new CREE LED flashlights?  Well, I am just learning about them they are the kewlest flashlights in the world.  IMHO.

The one I am reviewing well two, I should say since it is a combo pack are the Opti-Flood Adjustable Beam Tactical Flashlight Kit.

First, in this box is two flashlights
OPTI-FLOOD TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT: Adjustable beam focus with a maximum output of 1200 lumens and a range of over 100 yards!
LT30 COMPACT FLASHLIGHT: Small and powerful flashlight operates using the same rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as the Opti-Flood Flashlight
an insert for using 3 AAA batteries
2x 18650 rechargeable batteries
a wall charger for charging the 18650 rechargeable batteries.
This is a pack of two of the greatest flashlights I love these flashlights.
I just learned about these flashlights. I have had LED flashlights before, but these are different than the ones I have tried before. The ones I had before had a lot of little round bright lights in a circle at the tip, and you pushed a button, and they turned on and you pushed it again, and they turn off.
These new LED flashlights need a different name. I saw many say CREE LED, so I thought that was the name of these new flashlights. They have a teeny tiny square light bulb ( if you can call it a bulb. if you look into the flashlight where the bulb usually sits, there is a tiny little square of what looks like yellow felt.) at the bottom of a very large thick convex glass.
You push the button, and you have a huge circle of the brightest light you have ever seen. Then you can take the top end of the flashlight and push it forward the light gets brighter, and the circle of light gets smaller until you get a spotlight. The light at this point is a square of what looks like 3 to 6 lines of light. Depending on the flashlight. You pull the top of the flashlight back in, and the light starts getting bigger until the whole back yard is lit up.
The flashlight is amazing the light is bright. I would not give one of these to a child because they have a tendency to shine the light into each others eyes and these flashlights are too bright it really makes you light blind for a while when someone flashes it in your eyes.

I received these flashlights at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.

here is the link if you would like to indulge yourself too.


And another day

So my reviews still weren’t posting as of last night so I had a chat with Adriana from Amazon.  i told her all that was happening and she said she would let the review department know and someone would call me back in 48 hours.

I logged back in late last night and my reviews were there.  So I got those finished.  To was my sons stage makeup class.  He wants to make movies and wanted to know how to make someone look like they had just been in and accident or they were a zombie or they were just killed.  He was awesome then they did some improv and he was great.

Then we got home and we had some packages.  I opened them up and got started.  then Fed Ex came and dropped two more boxes off.  he didn’r knock or ring the bell he just dropped them on the porch.  I finally just opened the door because it was getting so late and the smashed adn bashed box was sitting there.

I opened the box it was full of electronics and a fine charcoal powder in a bag there was no packing material at all everything was just bouncing around in there.  so first I took a microfiber cloth and cleaned the charcoal powder off of everything then I made sure everything worked.

first was a bug zapper that looks like a tennis racket.  I put batteries in it and it worked.   then a flashlight I put batteries in it and it worked also then the headlamp batteries in it works yeah.

Next the hammock took it out and looked it over it is a nice hammock #MaxRelaxHammock


but I didn’t care for the ropes for tying to a tree i have these that I will use.


I also got my son a chefs hat because he loves cooking and I thought it would be fun.  and We got some bath bombs and some round ice trays we are using those to make bath bombs of our own.

so I have gotten most of the reviews done and I reported the box issue with no packing and I asked for a new bag of charcoal powder.  we shall see what happens.




Happy Saint Patricks day!

Today’s lot consisted of ketostix and a t shirt for my husbands birthday.  some solar lights .  a collapsible travel cup. a humidifier essential oil diffuser.  and a set of 3 microfleece towels.

First take everything out of it’s packaging and check it off of your list of what you ordered and what is due today.  Then start testing the towels need to be washed and dried then take a shower and try the towel out.  or in this case have your son take a bath with his lego’s and then try out the towel.  The towel works really well it dries you with one swipe of the towel instead of rubbing and rubbing to get dry.  i like these better than regular towels I will get more.

The T shirt I got for my husband is way better quality than I thought it would be I am very pleased with this purchase and can’t wait for his birthday so I can see his face.  i am pretty sure he will love it.

Any medicinal type things I take for at least a few days to a week before reviewing and anything else that needs some time or we need to try after a hike etc i will review later.  the solar lights are still waiting for a review I have to  charge them up in the sun first then after dark we will try them out.

The last step is to let the company know you wrote your review so you go to Amazon and check to see if your review is there typically it takes a few minutes to an hour.  Oh No not this time this time it has been hours and I can’t let them know that their product has been reviewed with pictures and everything.  they would be pleased if Amazon would just get my review posted.  what is going on.

It is the morning after Saint Patrick’s day now and I logged into Amazon thinking my reviews would be posted and I could be done with yesterdays stuff but no still not there.  i really want to check these off as finished.  Please let me finish my job, PLEASE.

still not there…… UGH!