And another day

So my reviews still weren’t posting as of last night so I had a chat with Adriana from Amazon.  i told her all that was happening and she said she would let the review department know and someone would call me back in 48 hours.

I logged back in late last night and my reviews were there.  So I got those finished.  To was my sons stage makeup class.  He wants to make movies and wanted to know how to make someone look like they had just been in and accident or they were a zombie or they were just killed.  He was awesome then they did some improv and he was great.

Then we got home and we had some packages.  I opened them up and got started.  then Fed Ex came and dropped two more boxes off.  he didn’r knock or ring the bell he just dropped them on the porch.  I finally just opened the door because it was getting so late and the smashed adn bashed box was sitting there.

I opened the box it was full of electronics and a fine charcoal powder in a bag there was no packing material at all everything was just bouncing around in there.  so first I took a microfiber cloth and cleaned the charcoal powder off of everything then I made sure everything worked.

first was a bug zapper that looks like a tennis racket.  I put batteries in it and it worked.   then a flashlight I put batteries in it and it worked also then the headlamp batteries in it works yeah.

Next the hammock took it out and looked it over it is a nice hammock #MaxRelaxHammock

but I didn’t care for the ropes for tying to a tree i have these that I will use.

I also got my son a chefs hat because he loves cooking and I thought it would be fun.  and We got some bath bombs and some round ice trays we are using those to make bath bombs of our own.

so I have gotten most of the reviews done and I reported the box issue with no packing and I asked for a new bag of charcoal powder.  we shall see what happens.




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