Have you heard of the new CREE LED flashlights?  Well, I am just learning about them they are the kewlest flashlights in the world.  IMHO.

The one I am reviewing well two, I should say since it is a combo pack are the Opti-Flood Adjustable Beam Tactical Flashlight Kit.

First, in this box is two flashlights
OPTI-FLOOD TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT: Adjustable beam focus with a maximum output of 1200 lumens and a range of over 100 yards!
LT30 COMPACT FLASHLIGHT: Small and powerful flashlight operates using the same rechargeable lithium-ion batteries as the Opti-Flood Flashlight
an insert for using 3 AAA batteries
2x 18650 rechargeable batteries
a wall charger for charging the 18650 rechargeable batteries.
This is a pack of two of the greatest flashlights I love these flashlights.
I just learned about these flashlights. I have had LED flashlights before, but these are different than the ones I have tried before. The ones I had before had a lot of little round bright lights in a circle at the tip, and you pushed a button, and they turned on and you pushed it again, and they turn off.
These new LED flashlights need a different name. I saw many say CREE LED, so I thought that was the name of these new flashlights. They have a teeny tiny square light bulb ( if you can call it a bulb. if you look into the flashlight where the bulb usually sits, there is a tiny little square of what looks like yellow felt.) at the bottom of a very large thick convex glass.
You push the button, and you have a huge circle of the brightest light you have ever seen. Then you can take the top end of the flashlight and push it forward the light gets brighter, and the circle of light gets smaller until you get a spotlight. The light at this point is a square of what looks like 3 to 6 lines of light. Depending on the flashlight. You pull the top of the flashlight back in, and the light starts getting bigger until the whole back yard is lit up.
The flashlight is amazing the light is bright. I would not give one of these to a child because they have a tendency to shine the light into each others eyes and these flashlights are too bright it really makes you light blind for a while when someone flashes it in your eyes.

I received these flashlights at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.

here is the link if you would like to indulge yourself too.


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