today the Fitbonic Smart phone dock

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I took this out of the box. there is a docking station a plastic piece fo the back of dock for more support for whatever you put in the dock. the cord, a remote a male to male 3.5 mm adapter, and an instruction booklet.
I looked at the charging tip in the dock and saw it was the older wide one. So I thought oh well my son’s iPad uses this I guess he gets a dock. but then I looked in the instruction and saw you turn the charging tip to the right and the type c charger comes up with the straight part forward then turn again a type c but with the straight part in the back. Turn again an apple lightning tip comes up.  There are 4 tips in all.  So I put my iPad air on there and did the Bluetooth it showed right up I selected it and started playing some music .  The iPad does not have to be physically connected for the Bluetooth to work.  Then I took my iPad off and turned the charging tip wheel until the USB type c tip was up with the straight part to the front and plugged in my Samsung galaxy S5 phone it went right on. Then I put my iPad back in its leather case and tried plugging it into the USB plug on the side while the Samsung phone was charging on the dock and they were both charging fine.
I set up the Samsung phone to the Bluetooth and played some music then I changed to the iPad again no issues. I played Netflix on the iPad and the sound was excellent
Next, I tried the equalizer I was setting that up and kept changing it until I found the one I liked best. There are lots of settings and lots of them are really great.
The only Con: No 12-hour clock but I set the clock anyway it took a little to get it set but it wasn’t that hard.
I played with the remote and all the functions worked fine.
I highly recommend this docking station.
I received this Smart Phone Dock From Fibonic – Bluetooth Speaker, Universal Charging Dock, Alarm Clock – Hands-Free Calls – USB-Charged Devices – iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, Nokia, LG, SONY – Lifetime Guarantee for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review. Since I use your reviews when I buy products I will always return the favor by leaving an honest review for you whether or receive a discount or not. I am not affiliated with the seller, supplier, or manufacturer in any way. This is my honest review.

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