Getting ready to go backpacking first a sleeping bag.

link to sleeping bag I bought



This sleeping bag comes in a stuff sack. Makes it easy to stuff it back in the bag Although it could be an inch bigger this thing is a tight fit.
I took the sleeping bag out of the stuff sack and laid it out unzipped it and zipped it then inspected the zipper. It moved nice seems well made no sewing issues.
I laid down on it and it felt comfy I pulled up the zipper part way and then it didn’t want to go any further. I put my arm outside the sleeping bag and pulled it up a bit further and then tried from the inside again but it was difficult then I pushed my foot against the edge of the sleeping bag to tighten it up then the zipper went to the top no problem.
it was soo nice and warm I almost fell asleep right away.
I unzipped it, much easier it just slides unzipped.
It has the sleeping bag smell that most sleeping bags have and I don’t like it very much so I used Febreze on it to get rid of the scent. at the first campout, I will bring it tot he bonfire and let the campfire scent get into it. I love the smell of a campfire.
I then took the sleeping bag and stuffed it back into the stuff bag. It worked ok it is a tight squeeze to get it in there but it will fit if you keep pushing. then tighten up the lock all ready for the next campout.

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