Happy Saint Patricks day!

Today’s lot consisted of ketostix and a t shirt for my husbands birthday.  some solar lights .  a collapsible travel cup. a humidifier essential oil diffuser.  and a set of 3 microfleece towels.

First take everything out of it’s packaging and check it off of your list of what you ordered and what is due today.  Then start testing the towels need to be washed and dried then take a shower and try the towel out.  or in this case have your son take a bath with his lego’s and then try out the towel.  The towel works really well it dries you with one swipe of the towel instead of rubbing and rubbing to get dry.  i like these better than regular towels I will get more.

The T shirt I got for my husband is way better quality than I thought it would be I am very pleased with this purchase and can’t wait for his birthday so I can see his face.  i am pretty sure he will love it.

Any medicinal type things I take for at least a few days to a week before reviewing and anything else that needs some time or we need to try after a hike etc i will review later.  the solar lights are still waiting for a review I have to  charge them up in the sun first then after dark we will try them out.

The last step is to let the company know you wrote your review so you go to Amazon and check to see if your review is there typically it takes a few minutes to an hour.  Oh No not this time this time it has been hours and I can’t let them know that their product has been reviewed with pictures and everything.  they would be pleased if Amazon would just get my review posted.  what is going on.

It is the morning after Saint Patrick’s day now and I logged into Amazon thinking my reviews would be posted and I could be done with yesterdays stuff but no still not there.  i really want to check these off as finished.  Please let me finish my job, PLEASE.

still not there…… UGH!


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