So I received this face paint by Blue Squid to try out.  My son’s birthday party was coming up so I thought great day to use it.  I had a friend of mine painting faces.  She said these were very professional quality.  They covered well the colors are vibrant and easy to use.  I also had her use a 24 makeup brush set instead of paint brushes and she loved doing it that t way it was much easier than just paintbrushes.

The glitter is in a liquid base which made it go on easier and helped to blend the other colors.  So plan for that when you are using it.

There is a blurb on the back of the packaging that says be careful these are such vibrant colors they may not want to come off with just soap and water but I did two big pink circles on my arm left them on for a few hours then washed one off with soap and water and the other using olive oil and a paper towel.  both came off perfectly no issues at all.  Of the people at the party, everyone said it came off easily except for the boy with the ninja turtle face he still had some green around his nose but his mom said she didn’t think he really tried to get it all off.



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