I thought I would try a K2 double hammock


So I bought a K2 double hammock.  Talk about a nice hammock.

It is extra long and extra wide so more like a triple hammock. It is very roomy and comfortable.  My 10-year-old son loved it so much I couldn’t try it out as much as I would have liked. But that is alright he had a blast in it.  And ended up taking a nice afternoon nap.

I took the hammock out of the bag it has nice carabiners and is very well stitched.  I really like the colors of Kelly green and black.  It came with a heavy duty rope to hang it from a tree but I prefer tree straps so I used the MalloMe brand tree straps.

I had it up in less than a minute.  I sat in it and then lay down it was very nice I could have taken a nap but as I said I have a 10 year old.  So my son was saying my turn my turn can I try it out now.  So I let him get into it and I took pictures of him enjoying it.

He talked about all the things he could do in this hammock and how much fun it was going to be this weekend when his cousins come over.  And tehn he lay back and started swaying in it and soon he was asleep.

I am so glad it was such a beautiful day today.

So then when he woke up,  we took everything down to see if it would be as easy to take down as it was to put up.

The tree straps work wonders Just unhook the carabiners adn fold the hammock in half then in half again tehn sutff it in the carry sack.

Then roll up the tree straps and done in less than a minute.

this is going in my husbands pack when we go backpacking this summer.  You know when he isn’t looking I will stick it under his clothes.  It only weighs 1.7 pounds and the mallome only weighs 1.4 pounds with the heavy carabiners but I can take those out because the K2 came with nice carabiners.  So more like a half a pound.  He won’t notice.

If you would like to buy the K2 double hammock you can purchase it here.



One thought on “I thought I would try a K2 double hammock

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